Sealing solutions for supply ships

Ulstein Shipyard, Norway, designs, equips and finalizes advanced supply ships. Their concept is exported to shipyards wo...

Safer shipping with Roxtec

At the Gdynia Shipyard in Poland, car carriers for thousands of cars are built with amazing speed and skill.

Cable and pipe seals for cruise ships

Thousands of Roxtec cable and pipe transits are used onboard “Oasis of the Seas”, the world’s largest cruise ship built ...


Seals for the Seven Seas

Roxtec onboard means safety and long-term operational reliability. Shipbuilders and ship owners standardize with our cable and pipe transits. We provide the sealing solution with the largest number of tests and certificates in the industry.

Efficient solution

Approved for A-class rated sections, the seals handle fire, water, pressure, thermal bridges, and material fatigue. They fit cables, metal pipes and plastic pipes and can be opened repeatedly. Add a cable without structural intervention!