Roxtec SPM™ seal



Ensure safety onboard 

Roxtec proudly introduces the innovative Roxtec SPM seal – a patented sealing solution that helps you ensure safety and operational reliability without any downtime or cost related to welding. It is a light-weight solution that can be used to seal any kind of metal pipe against fire, water and gas onboard marine or offshore structures.

Flexible to pipe and structure

The seal is made of highly elastic EPDM rubber and fittings of acid-proof stainless steel. It is quick and easy to install from only one side of steel decks or bulkheads. The structure may range in thickness from 6 to 15 mm. The Roxtec SPM seal maintains a tight seal around the metal pipe as well as sealing inside any uneven or irregular opening. The indicators that show when full compression is achieved are just one example of its safe and user-friendly design.