Standardize with the new Roxtec GH frame kits

Roxtec now offers bolted Roxtec GH frame kits to simplify and standardize your design, specification and installation work. Each frame kit contains:

  • Roxtec GH frame with a flange of 60mm or 100mm 
  • Roxtec GE extension frame
  • Butyl strip
  • Installation instructions

All frame kits are available in stainless or galvanized steel and as BG (bonding and grounding) versions with ground lugs.

Together with Roxtec modules and compression units they form a tight cable and pipe penetration seal.


  • Reduce project risks by standardizing project designs
  • Improve protection with new butyl strip
  • Easier ordering with all-inclusive frame kits
  • Eliminate cable abrasion on interior wall and provide professional image with GE extension frames
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