Disclaimer of Liability

Roxtec is pleased to provide this software to simplify your work and to assist you in incorporating our Cable & Pipe Sealing Systems in your designs.   

The software and information provided does not release you - the receiver of provided software and/or information and/or purchaser of the related products - from the obligation to determine independently the suitability of the related products for the intended processes and/or uses in your designs.   

This software should not be relied upon in respect of any matters which are subject to type approvals and/or independent verification. 

Roxtec will not take over any responsibility or liability for possible mistakes. The data stored on this CD-ROM can be changed without previous notification as a result of technical progress. Roxtec's liability is expressly excluded in respect of the matters referred to in this notice. 

The related products manufactured by Roxtec International AB are sold in accordance with Roxtec International AB's general conditions of sale and delivery.